Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TPO - TPO2: Expo '85 (1985)

One of the most consistently visited posts here at WAX MASK is the TPO upload from a few months back. Check that post for more information about TPO, mostly hashed out by helpful readers in the comments section.

Here is the second TPO (the formerly Takumi Iwasaki-fronted group that grew out of Project Green) record, TPO2: Expo '85, composed for the 1985 World's Fair spin-off, "The International Science Technology Exposition", in Tsukuba. Lots of triumphant, lightly Technopop utopian jams. Wikipedia sez: "The theme of the fair was 'Dwellings and Surroundings - Science and Technology for Man at Home'. Attendance was over 20 million and 111 countries participated."

Watch this American documentary about the event:

This record reminds of Cosmos and Cosmic Invention in its bouyant, almost Soyo Oka-esque phrasing. It would be interested to know the exact utility of this score. Were individual pieces composed for specific presentations? Is it merely intended to be a commemorative keepsake? The tracks on the album vary in length, from short sketches to fully realized compositions. The best moments tend to be when jams morph from soaring orchestral fanfare into straight-Technopop instrumentals. Well worth checking out regardless.

2. 旅立ち
3. 流星群脱出~スペースコロニー
4~5. ゲーム~月
6. 帰還
7. 母船のテーマ~最初の選択肢
8. スペースシャトルでの実験
9. C & C シアターテーマ
10. パラボラアンテナ用レーザーショー BGM Type 1(時報あり)
11. パラボラアンテナ用レーザーショー BGM Type 2(時報なし)
12. 本編オープニング
13. オープニング(テストシステム用)
14. 宇宙船操縦席
15. ブラックホールに接近
16. ブラックホール脱出
17. ゲーム~月(テストシステム用)
18. エンディングシーン(テストシステム用)
19. ゲーム(本編用)
20. ゲームシーン流星効果音



  1. TPO is why folks like me still poke around, wait, hope, and pray for more unknown 80s techno-pop. Folks like you eventually will suddenly remind us lonely piners that "hey, there's still a little more synthy magic left on the shelves, keep your ear to the ground and don't you dare breath." This is awesome.

  2. Project Green record coming soon!

  3. Awesome - thank you so much for this! I've go the "Hoshimaru" single, but I've been wanting to hear the whole Expo '85 thing for ages.