Monday, June 25, 2012

Reinhard Lakomy - Der Traum von Asgard (1983)

Please, WAX MASK visitors, indulge us a dalliance to Germany on this chilly monday night. I've had this record in the vaults for a while, listening, looking at the sleeve, thinking about someday ripping and uploading the thing. Dropped the needle on the impeccable "Orakel" the other night, realized I need to get this one out there NOW and not later. Fans of the Japanese Idol pop and fusion I occaisionally fuck with may not appreciate this, but if you come here for the spacier technopop that's regularly served up, don't pass up this synth sci-fi instrumental classic. It'll be back to business as usual in a few days when I upload that Project Green album I've been teasing. For now, jam on this essential record from Reinhard.

A1 Der Traum Von Asgard
A2 Die Gotischen Narren
B1 Möglichkeit Einer Ouvertüre
B2 Orakel
B3 Sodom


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