Sunday, January 29, 2012

TPO 25th Anniversary Edition

I don't know a lot about this best-of collection. I'm pretty sure that TPO is not this band, Tiny Panx Organization. I think Takumi Iwasaki (of Films and his own solo material) was involved somehow. Can't say much more than that.

TPO1 Complete Edition
01. Dawning
02. The Jet Set
03. Breakin' Up (interlude)
04. Sundog
05. Safari Bar
06. Noon
07. Camacho Preguicosa
08. Tragedy Monster
09. Dori Twisted Her Smile
10. Tingle Ringing (interlude)
11. Traffic Jams
12. Eye In The Night
13. Jive Man
14. Rouge Au Soir, Blanc Au Matin
15. Web Of Time

TPO2 0.5~1.5
01. Caution! (short version)
02. Le Transcontinental
03. Yaminokinoki
04. Nationstate
05. Tangerine Tangerine
06. Honeymoon Express
07. Bradbury Town
08. Air Glow
09. Songless
10. Savanna Noon
11. Chain Talking
12. The Axiom Of Separation
13. Exile
14. Air Glow (demo)
15. Jive Man (instrumental)
16. Camacho Preguicosa (demo)
17. Traffic Jams (another version)
18. Breakin' Up (typeII)
19. Safari Bar (1st edition)
20. Eye In The Night (pre-mix)
21. Camacho Preguicosa (enigma mix)



  1. Uhm... wow. This is awesome. You don't know the original release date of this music? And this is ONE album??? (even considering it is obviously full of extras). Assuming it is from a single album and is reissued in 2006 as a "25th Anniversary Edition"... that would make the original release date around 1981, in which case this is a pretty incredible find! Regardless, it's great and I thank you again! Keep up the good work.

  2. I dunno how I missed your "best of" description. So the question remains, you know the time-frame of this stuff? Is it the entire 25 years leading up to 2006? Thanks again.

  3. Occaisionally, I'll post something I know next to nothing about! Here, the only lead I have is the Iwasaki connection, thanks to Amazon and the Japanese Wiki for Iwasaki: There doesn't seem to be an entry for TPO at Discogs or Wiki.

  4. Yeah, I followed that to the Takumi album posted here:

    If that's the same person or not... pretty cool stuff. Hard to imagine how it's so obscure given there isn't THAT much of this coveted synth-post-punk-pop type stuff circulating around. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been curious to hear more TPO after becoming smitten with a song of theirs that appeared on a Techno Kayo compilation I have, so it's nice to have the opportunity to do exactly that. Hear more of their music :)

    And if you're still in need of additional information about the group, I dug some up for you... You're right, Takumi Iwasaki _was_ one part of it:

    From my understanding, the group was four studio musicians(Iwasaki, Masamichi Asano, Kashiwa Fukunaga, and Fumitake Anzai) coming together to form a group(Iwasaki only stuck around for this one album though) And then I found this site:

    Which explains this pressing of TP01. The first disc is the "complete" version of the album(the vinyl version that was originally released in '83 only had twelve tracks), of course, and the second is a collection of unreleased material.. It doesn't say what years they were recorded, but it doesn't look like TPO lasted past '85 so they may have been recorded anywhere from 83-85, probably.