Monday, December 13, 2010

Cosmos - Musitopia (1983)

Back in June of this year, Jiro at Ying Yangs posted this song by Japanese synthesizer-based "fusion" band Cosmos, "Mai Muse", which you can hear by watching the above video. This track really impressed me so I've been searching for the entire album Musitopia ever since, having only found "Mai Muse" and the opener "Spiral Dream." Both are exciting, maximalist pieces of synth-driven island-exploration Nintendo jazz-fusion.

Well, I'm very excited to say that I've finally located the entire album, and it's excellent. I don't have a lot of information, but I know that the album was released by Canyon Records in 1983. You can read about Cosmos and founding member Keiko Matsui here on her Wikipedia entry (I swear there used to be a stand-alone entry for Cosmos). A complete members list will hopefully follow, as I actually found several other Cosmos albums, and a more in-depth post is coming. Stay tuned for it later this week. In the meantime, please enjoy Musitopia!

1. Spiral Dream 3:40
2. Hoppy Pampy 4:44
3. Faerie 5:01
4. Mai Muse 4:50
5. Ai No Kakehashi 4:29
6. Epicurean Carnival 4:12
7. Shiawasena Asa 3:25
8. Ai Land Dance 3:21
9. Musitopia 4:13




  1. Great! Do you by any chance have any other of their albums?

  2. Oh, I just read the post, amazing!

  3. To my knowledge, the song in the video is "Spiral Dream" not "Mai Muse". Thanks for the info! It is about time, that Cosmos gets a separate entry in Cheers.

  4. all would be greatly appreciated re-upped.

  5. Working on it. This one will be fixed tonight.

  6. both cosmos and this blog totally rock
    cheers 4 this amazing blog