Thursday, December 9, 2010

Machida Machizo from Shifuku Dan - Doterai Yatsura (1986)

UPDATE: Coffin Jon of the VCinema website and podcast has provided Wax Mask with an excellent translation of the Japanese track listing below, complete with detailed notes.

Here is an weird and diverse album from singer/ actor/ author Machida Machizō, former vocalist for the Japanese punk band Inu. The album was released on cassette by Quatro in 1986, not sure if it was issued on Vinyl as well. Later a CD was released, which you can buy used on by clicking below.

While Doterai Yatsura has its punk moments, it's a much more experimental affair than the Inu material. A lot of vocal processing and keyboard hijinks, with found and concrete sounds mixed in and around more straight-forward "rock" movement. Wildly varying instrumentation from song to song, with bagpipes, harmonica, wah guitar, Steve Martin samples, tape manipulations and trumpet (tho some of that may be sampled). Many thanks to this helpful Youtube user for posting some tracks and for sharing the album with me.

Can anybody help with an English translation of the track names?

1. どてらい奴ら
2. 機械がどんどん廻る廻る
3. アミダへの道
4. ちゃんぽん部屋
5. 心臓賭博
6. 天守閣(至福城)
7. 六年寝る
8. 続どてらい奴ら
9. 戦場の牛
10. コンガを叩いたインコを殺した男
11. みな木が欲しい
12. 小座敷ドッグ
13. 路傍の亀
14. 失敗の本質

English translation (with notes) courtesy of Coffin Jon of VCinema.

1. Incredible Guys
2. The Machine Is Quickly Turning
3. The Road to Amida (Amida is one of the buddhas)
4. Chanpon Room (Chanpon is a dish of noodles mixed with other ingredients)
5. Gambling Heart
6. The Keep (The Castle of Bliss)
7. The Six Year Sleep
8. Incredible Guys part 2
9. Battle Ox
10. The Man Who Killed the Parakeet That Hit the Conga Drum
11. I Want Minaki (I assume that 'Minaki' is a person's name. Initially I thought it was the name of a particular tree (the 'ki' means tree), but I found no tree with that name)
12. Kosashiki Dog (a kosashiki is a very small room, like an addition, that has a tatami floor and is used for lounging)
13. Turtle on the Roadside
14. The Essence of Failure

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