Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cosmos - Can Can Can! (1982), Bourbon Suite (1982), 夢想都市 (1985)

I've been searching and asking around, but there really isn't much info about Cosmos on the net. Can anybody help at least name the other members? I've found some Keiko Matsui solo albums, but they're really a let-down after hearing this material. Anyway, here are three more albums from Cosmos:

Can Can Can! (1982 I think, but this site says '85)

Bourbon Suite (1982)

夢想都市/ "Urban Fantasy" (1985)
A bit confused about this one's english title and year.


  1. Thank you SO SO MUCH for these!!
    I've looked around a lot for these gals' music but alas, I had to download the few I could find off of YouTube.
    So it's AWESOME to have a much bigger collection of their stuff, and in high quality!

    Their music is such a treat to listen to. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks a lot for uploading. Nice rare music.