Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asami Kado/ 門あさ美 - La Fleur Bleue (1988)

It's a beautiful Summer day here in Western Massachusetts. Yet, instead of mowing the lawn or weeding the garden, I'm compelled to put off such chores in order to share integral, underheard Japanese pop music with all of you. I've been saving this fantastic album, and such an idyllic Saturday afternoon as this one seems the perfect opprtunity to post Asami Kado's 1988 full-length, La Fleur Bleue.

I don't have a lot of information about this one. While this is a late-80s EMI release, there are heavy YEN vibes throughout, especially in the later half of the album. Somewhere between Technopop and the more melancholy side of Idol, La Fleur Bleue is unique in that it also indulges in the island-sounds "fusion" obsession of the time, but in a totally creative way. With light Dub movements throughout, the album is marked by ghostly reverb-drenched vocals and patient, deliberate instrumentation. I would compare it to Saeko Suzuki's best work or Dip in the Pool.

Track seven, "退屈と二つの月", is a cover of Tamao Koike's YMO-assisted "Automne Dans Un Miroir". Yukihiro Takahashi produced this album as well as Kado's 1987 album for EMI, Anti-Fleur. Tracks like "Oriental Flash" and "フォマルハウトー南の魚" particularly sound like Takahashi creations. Can anyone confirm any further personnel for this album? Kado's Japanese Wiki page lists frequent collaborators (including Kenji Omura), but doesn't specify who produced or played on what. Speaking of Koike, I've got an album of hers to share soon as well. Until then, enjoy!

門あさ美/Asami Kado
Le Fleur Bleue (1988) (JP)
EMI Japan

01 - ここにいるの
02 - 夢の音
03 - 窓辺の肖像
04 - 青空を抱いていたい
05 - ほとり
06 - Oriental Flash (Instrumental)
07 - 退屈と二つの月
08 - 睦事
09 - 白い花と赤い花
10 - フォマルハウトー南の魚



  1. ah nice. this does sound good. i'm just a bit above you, up here in maine myself. beautiful day! and i didn't mow the lawn either!

  2. Nice, I know some good folks from Maine. I've always wanted to make a pilgrimage to Strange Maine in Portland.

    Have you come across any of Kado's earlier albums, especially Anti-Fleuer, which Takahashi also produced? I know you've got better resources than I do for tracking the rare stuff down!