Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yumi Tanimura/ 谷村有美 - WITH (1991)

Jam! Love this song and video--the kitten, tumbling groceries, word processing, the "NO!" button, the whole "just woke up" scenerio, and the "It's My Life" caption at the end. Enjoy this nineteen-second making-of clip as well. がんばれブロークン・ハート was released as a single/video in 1989. Yumi Tanimura's first album, Believe In, came out in '87. Not my up, but I found a link for this best-of compilation, WITH, but hard to attribute the source. Many blogs offering dead links. Apparently Tanimura released the sequel WITH II, a few years later. Working on it, along with the original albums.


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