Thursday, June 23, 2011

PEARL BROTHERS/ パール兄弟 - Blue Kingdom/ 青いキングダム (1988)

Since discovering the Pearl Brothers' distinctive music videos, I've been trying to locate some of their music to share. I've finally found a copy (via eBay) of their 1988 album, Blue Kingdom. For some background on the group, visit my previous post on Pearl Brothers, the JP Wiki, or the official site.

Track 09, "Jiageya Stomp (Instrumental)", features none other than Ryuichi Sakamoto, whose reach and influence can never be overstated. There seems to be a reason to mention him in practically every article I post about Japanese music. Sakamoto is credited with "synthesizers" for this track. The core trio is present on this album, with Bakabon Suzuki credited as "Vagabonde". Drummer Toshiya Matsunaga has worked with a long list of Japanese groups, from Technopop to Idol. Aside from Sakamoto and Matsunaga, there's a long list of contributors and engineers. The full liner notes are included below, and with the CD-rip as well.

Kenzo Saeki: vocals, chorus
Haruo Kubota: guitars, synthesizers, chorus
Vagabonde: bass, stick, chorus
Toshiya Matsunaga: drums, syndrums, chorus, lead vocals (track 10)

01. Zoo Zoo Zoo (4:08)
02. The Last Train Girl/ 終電ガール (4:04)
03. Blue Kingdom / 青いキングダム (4:49)
04. Electric Wave (4:26)
05. Innocent Gray/ イノセント・グレイ (5:41)
06. Park/AM (4:47)
07. Red Revolution/ 真赤なリヴォルーション (4:48)
08. Hundred Times Bye Bye/ 100度目の (4:04)
09. Jiageya Stomp/ 地上げ屋ストンプ (Instrumental) (5:33)
10. A Lonely Flamingo/ フラミングひとりぼっち (4:49)