Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Sakamoto/Imawano footage

Not sure how I missed this before

Not sure what the song at the very beginning is. This clip (series of clips?) really expresses the romance of the collaboration.

From the comments section:

"I vividly remember seeing the second one on TV (I was only 10!) Both of them were live TV shows. The first one is from "Yoru no HIt Studio" ("Hit Studio At Night" in Japanese) by Fuji TV, the second one is from "The Best Ten" by TBS (Tokyo Broadcast Station.) Kiyoshiro was one of the few Japanese rock stars who I cared. (Rest in peace.) Thank you for uploading this."

jvcforce 5 months ago jvcforce 5 months ago

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  1. ザ・ベストテン/The Best Ten (TBS) and ザ・トップテン/The Top Ten (NTV) were weekly chart shows. There's loads of '80s videos from these on YouTube.

    "Yoru no Hit Studio" (夜のヒットスタジオ) was another weekly music show, seemed to be less chart oriented, YMO played Wild Ambitions on it for example.