Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miharu Koshi - Boy Soprano (1985)

Here is Miharu Koshi's excellent album Boy Soprano, released by Non-Standard Records in 1985. This album is produced by Koshi's constant collaborator Haruomi Hosono, and the two split composition duties on the original tracks. Aside from the six originals, Koshi really pushes her vocals with two Schubert tracks, "Heidenröslein" and "Ave Maria", inspiring the album's title. As with most of her work, Koshi sings in several languages here. Hopefully I'll have more of her albums to share in the coming weeks.

01. Heidenröslein
02. Prie-Dieu [Yube No Inori]
03. Ave Maria
04. Marie-Ange
05. Mademoiselle Juju
06. La Nokto De La Cattleya [Cattleya No Yoru]
07. Vite, Usagi [Hashire Usagi]
08. Lip Shütz

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Download Tutu



  1. where is the link to boy soprano? i've been looking for it everywhere!

  2. downloaded it but it seems to not upload to my itunes? has anyone else had this problem?

  3. OK, my friend just downloaded it and said she had the same problem too--not importing into her itunes. Do you think you could re-up it onto mediafire or somewhere else?? I would appreciate it so much! Like I said before, I've been looking for this album everywhere and it's nowhere to be found, except for on Discogs and it's extremely expensive for an LP of this.. Thank you!

  4. Hmmm... no problem on my end. Just downloaded the file from MU onto a different computer and added the songs ot iTunes no problem. Are you on Mac or PC? Have you tried manually adding the files to iTunes? Did you use a program that properly unzips .rar files? Let me know if there's still a problem and I can put a .zip file on Mediafire if that helps.

  5. yeah, not working. could you upload it to mediafire?

  6. Let me know if this works

  7. yeah, still doesn't import to itunes. so odd. i also tried on two different computers..

  8. Weird. I know this is a drag, but you could perhaps burn a cd then rip the tracks as new mp3s, that'd prolly work.

  9. so the problem is that the files are .ogg instead of anyone that downloads this and uses itunes will have the same problem as me.