Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tamao Koike - Unreleased Materials [REQUEST]

I first mentioned underrated YMO-associate Tamao Koike back in July '11 when I posted Asami Kado's La Fleur Bleue record, which covers Koike's "Automne Dans Un Miroir", which is simply one of the greatest technopop jams of all time. Koike was a model, actor and YMO back-up singer before releasing these songs. According to the JP Wiki, Koike worked on an album with Toshio Nakanishi for Sony that never came out. Shame!

This odds 'n' sods collection includes several versions of "Automne Dans Un Miroir", along with other assorted singles and compilation tracks. Lots of '80s Japan touchstones here: YMO-assisted technopop, island/fusion, molasses dub, Francophilia, studio collage, idol and Laurie Anderson-style avant-new wave. Check it out!



  1. Thanks for continuing to post quality japanese music

    As you're taking requests could you please post
    Hiroshi Sato feat. Wendy Matthews "Awakenings"

    Its getting quite difficult to find online and mine has disappeared.

  2. Thanks a lot!! I've been looking for it.