Monday, January 23, 2012

Urban Dance - Two and a Half (Two Half, 2 1/2) (1986)

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Here's the 1986 album from Urban Dance, 2 1/2, or Two and a Half (or "Two Half" as it's listed some places). This is a totally solid record, produced by Harry Hosono. This is on the more "out" end of Idol, similar to Peal Brothers but not as overtly comedic, and more Technopop.

Urban Dance – 2 1/2
Label: Teichiku Records
Released: 21 Jun 1986

01. Psyco
02. Ceramic Dancer
03. Kiss X Kiss
04. Day After Day
05. Bara No Emilia
06. Dance A Go Go
07. Camera Opuscula
08. Crazy Love
09. Camp

Executive Producer: Haruomi Hosono
Producer: Masaru Arakawa
Producer: Shinobu Narita


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  1. Very cool! I can't say No to albums with Hosono production, so it was great to stumble across another one that I wasn't previously aware of. Thanks for sharing this!