Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saeko Suzuki - Visinda og Leyndardomur (科学と神秘) (1984)

Here is Saeko Suzuki's second studio album, Visinda og Leyndardomur (科学と神秘), from 1984.

Label: BMG Victor Inc.
Catalog#: BVCR-5020
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 1991

Discogs has a very detailed breakdown of the album's players. As usual. Saeko handles percussion, keys and vocals. Keiichi Suzuki, famed leader of the Moonriders and composer for the brilliant Earthbound/Mother series of video games, is credited as a player and producer on the album. According the Wiki Japan, he was Suzuki's husband at the time. Hajime Tachibana jams guitar on "Hacker ARUIWA 2 Ear Drums". For a full list of personnel, check this.

1. Island
2. Gin No Angel (銀のエンゼル)
3. Kagi To Stamp (鍵とスタンプ)
4. Hacker ARUIWA 2 Ear Drums
5. Mahow No Kuni (魔法の国)
6. Chi O Suu Camera (血を吸うカメラ)
7. Nightmare
8. Okashinaokashina Ferryboat (おかしなおかしなフェリーボート)
9. Tengoku Eno Rasenkaidan (天国への螺旋階段)
10. Lovery Planet (恋する惑星)



  1. According to the Japanese Wikipedia article on Saeko, (I think) she was formerly married to Keiichi:鈴木さえ子

  2. Incredible album and a lot of very interesting material in this blog.

    Nightmare is a piece of art, some of Keiichi Suzuki's touch can be perceived here I guess...

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