Friday, February 25, 2011

Strictly Forbidden

Sandy, you devil!

Nearly ecstatic to discover this "homage" to the Sakamoto/Sylvain classic by Sandy Marton, belter of the undeniable "People from Ibiza" track. Not every day do I find such a link between two of my particular cultural obsessions. Check out both songs, and hear one of the most emotionally wrenching songs--built from Sakamoto's score for the brutally heart-rending Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence--morphed into a goofball utopian Italo-jam, complete with typically incomprehensible, mildly offensive lyrics.

The "Forbidden Colours" melody is basically used as an intro and bridge in the Marton version, but its influence is definitely felt throughout... Sandy was definitely feeling the vibe!

"Forbidden Memories" was released in '86, three years after the RS/DS original.

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