Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kiyoshiro Imawano - Ikenai Rouge Magic (1982)

EDIT: Blogger sent me a "DMCA takedown notification" message concerning this post, so I've removed the link. No huge loss, as Youtube-rips are likely to be of higher quality than the scratchy, wavering vinyl-rips previously shared in this post. So go that route, for now. I encourage readers to email me with any questions or comments.

I've finally found a copy (a vinyl-rip I'm assuming) of the Sakamoto/Imawano collaboration "Ikenai Rouge Magic", which I wrote about in this earlier post. Unfortunately, the audio is quite poor, especially at the start of the A side. However, the (superior) B side "Akaruiyo" sounds fine. There used to be a higher-quality rip of "Ikenai" on Youtube, which I planned to swap with this file, but it seems to have been removed by Youtube. If any readers can provide a higher quality rip, shoot us a comment or email.

That said, I still really want to thank gracious Youtuber "trinity0818" (real name Shigenori) for sharing this single with WAX MASK. Shigenori also provided some background information, at my request:

Dear Greg

This MP3 file is a thing of the EP record of 7 inches.
To our regret, I do not have the sound source of the remix version.
I'm sorry.

"Ikenai Rouge Magic" became a smash hit in Japan in 1982.
I was a junior high school student in those days.
Kiyoshiro Imawano was very active as the vocalist of "RC SUCCESSION".
Ryuichi Sakamoto did an overseas tours by "YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA".
At that time, I was very surprised because they who were the artists who represented Japan had united the unit.
They performed to Music Show of the television.
I got excited very much.

The death of Kiyoshiro Imawano was a very sad thing.
I attended in his funeral.
His 42,000 fans attended on the day.

However, the music of Kiyoshiro Imawano is not dead.
His music is loved also by the foreigner like you.
I am very glad.

If I for your help become it, it is glad.
Please enjoy his music for a long time.
Thank you !!!




  1. This single is on the compilation "Techno Kayō: Heartbreak Taiyō Zoku (Polydor Hen)" (ハートブレイク太陽族~ポリドール編) by P-Vine Records, released in the late '90s. The b-side is also included.

  2. I actually have obtained an actual 7" of this. I want to post the upgraded files but my vinyl-to-usb thing has a problem with some 45s... working on it.