Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wax Mask Megamix Vol. 01 - Spain

"La Movida Madrileña" refers to the mid-to-late 70s flowering of subcultural rebellion in post-fascism Spain. With Madrid at core, the movement inspired the creation of liberated music, cinema, comics, literature, etc. By the 80s, the music had mutated beyond punk into various zones and waves. This mix spans the decade, representing new wave and synth pop, power pop, and general upbeat weirdness and provocation. '83 seems to be the peak of creativity, considering how many tracks on this mix were released in that year. I've included some tunes which sound more old-garde classicist pop (Parchis, Jeanette), as well as some late decade, mild mainstream jams. While I stand by all the music on a sonic level, I imagine that the orchestral pop hits here provided the space to move "from" for Alaska and the other scene stars of the movement, with lush production and simple love-song themes. Landing full circle, the jams from '85 and beyond (a decade post-Franco) perhaps represent the dilution of earlier transgressive material. I encourage readers to research individual artists, as riches will surely be discovered. I don't speak Spanish, and I am by no means an expert on this music or its context, so this broad selection will likely seem odd and unfocused to the expert listener. That said, this is an incredibly thrilling 24-track survey of some brilliant music, I can promise that.

I'm very psyched to present the first in a series of Wax Mask era-specific mixes. I put a lot of work into this, so check it out! While a lot of this music I found trawling forums and Filestube, I want to specifically thank the blogs Nuevaola 80s and Toda mi Musik.



  1. Just got back from Barcelona so this is perfect!

  2. Thanks, some great stuff there!

    "Otra Dimensión" is a blatant knock-off of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry though :)

  3. Is there going to be a volume 2? I think I physically need it

  4. Visited Espana twice during the 1970s... Looking forward to hearing this megamix of 1980s artists - thank you.

  5. Peluk is Butoh performance art inspired by the feeling of emptiness. The interactions between the actor and the watermelon in response to the lack of affection. Their chemistry increased while the music more intense. I'm so grateful to be part of SalaHatedu8 play collective.

    I made the docu of this performance artwork into a short film. You can watch it on youtube from 12-15 May 2022.


    Happy watching.