Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rajie - 真昼の舗道 (1980)

A few days ago I posted Rajie's Quatre. Here's another album from Rajie, 真昼の舗道 from 1980. Alternately titled Pavement at Noon, A Midday Paved Road, or Le Trottoir Dapres-Midi, this album was originally released by CBS-Sony. A lot of the same YMO-family figures from Quatre appear, with the addition of Keiichi Suzuki and others.

01. ラスト・シーン/ Last Scene (Yoshitaka Minami/ Etsuko Kisugi)
02. 真昼の鋪道/ Pavement Midday (Yukihiro Takahashi/ Taeko Onuki)
03. 霧の部屋/ Room Mist (Etsuko Kisugi)
04. 偽りの鐘/ Bell Fake (Yukihiro Takahashi/ Kenji Omura)
05. アパルトマン/ Flat (Taeko Onuki)
06. ラジオと二人/ People and Radio (Sugi/ Shigesato Itoi)
07. ヨジレアン・ツイスト/ Yo Gillet Anne Twist (Keiichi Suzuki/ Shigesato Itoi)
08. みどりの声/ The Voice of Green (Akiko Yano)
09. 秋の嵐/ Storm in Autumn (Keiichi Suzuki/ Taeko Onuki)
10. 忘却/ Oblivion (Taeko Onuki)

Album Personnel (likely incomplete):
Production, drums, string arrangement: Yukihiro Takahashi
Synthesizer, bass: Goto (except 2,3,6,10)
Bass: Haruomi Hosono (2,6)
Guitar: Kenji Omura (except 3)
Keyboards: Toru Okada (except 3)
Synthesizer, keyboards: Ryuichi Sakamoto (2)
Keyboards: Akiko Yano (3,8,10)
Violin: Takashi Toyoda (1)
String arrangement: Nobuyuki Shimizu (3,6,9)

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