Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KOJI 1200 - Now Romantic (1995)

KOJI 1200 – Now Romantic
Label: For Life Records (FLDF-1586)
Format: Minidisc
Country: Japan
Released: 06 Dec 1995

01. Now Romantic (Album Mix)
02. Now Romantic (Buffalo Daughter Mix)
03. Now Romantic (San Francisco Mix)
04. Now Romantic (Good Evening Lounge Bossa)
05. Now Romantic (Karaoke Mix)
06. Lonely Dynamite

Here's a minidisc EP from Japanese comedian, TV personality and actor Koji Imada, alias KOJI 1200. The EP contains four radically different takes on the title jam, the karaoke instrumental and an extra called "Lonely Dynamite". No info about who the woman in the video is, or any band members/session players.

Interestingly, the album was produced by Deee-lite's Towa Tei. The radio version has the same post-technopop sound that groups like P-Model and Salon Music cultivated in the 90s. The alternate versions are less successful, with stabs at grunge, disco and bossa nova. Kind of reminds of a Cornelius album. There's a playful humor in Imada's vocals (and in the video), but it's harder for me to read levels of parody in these jams. To further confuse things, "Lonely Dynamite" is a punk dirge that manages to be both dour and bratty. As is too often the case, I find differing track listings on the net, some which include a track called "Love Connection". Overall nothing too amazing here, but I'm nevertheless keen to hear more from Imada.

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