Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taeko Onuki 大貫妙子 - Best 1978-1984

Here is one of several Taeko Onuki collections. Hopefully I'll follow this post with her early albums. I don't have personnel for a lot of the tracks, but certainly the members of YMO and Kenji Omura are involved, as well of Onuki's old Sugar Babe band-mate Tatsuro Yamashita. I could likely compile a list of players by cross-referencing the tracks with the albums and singles they originally appeared on, so perhaps I'll do that. For now, enjoy this best-of, which confidently pulls in fusion, technopop and dramatic idol directions.

From Discogs:
"Active since the early 70s, Taeko's first role was as a member of Sugar Babe with Tatsuro Yamashita. In the mid-1970s she began to release solo albums, regularly collaborating with Ryuichi Sakamoto and other members of the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Taeko appeared on Sakamoto's No More Landmine single in 2001 alongside David Sylvian and Cyndi Lauper and in 2010 is releasing an album and touring with Sakamoto."

The tracklisting on Discogs doesn't match the tracklisting on my rip, so I really don't know what's up. Anyway, here is the Discogs tracklist, and here's mine:

01 - 夏に恋する女たち
02 - 海と少年
03 - ピーターラビットとわたし
04 - 黒のクレール
05 - RECIPE (調理法)
06 - 新しいシャツ
07 - 恋人達の明日
08 - じゃじゃ馬娘
09 - 雨の夜明け
10 - 色彩都市
12 - グランプリ
13 - 横顔
14 - 夏色の服
15 - 若き日の望楼
16 - 宇宙みつけた
17 - メトロポリタン美術館
18 - 風の道
19 - 突然の贈りもの

Discogs also says:
Label: BMG Japan
Catalog#: BVCR 18007-8
Released: 23 Jun 1999

Backing Vocals: Epo
Bass: Haruomi Hosono
Drums: Yukihiro Takahashi
Guitar: Kenji Omura
Keyboards: Ryuichi Sakamoto


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